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Project Overview

The CCUH, Biological and Agricultural Engineering Department and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences have joined forces with the SmartFarm initiative and are partnering with over thirty horticultural professional companies, agencies and private donors to create “SmartLandscape” at UC Davis. The CCUH will expand knowledge of “key” landscape water conservation practices learned from conducting over 35 irrigation management workshops for landscape professionals on this project and will provide educational opportunities for undergraduate students. 

The latest available irrigation technology will be employed with the ability to disperse water, measure applied water and to validate landscape water savings. Additionally, this site will utilize sustainable management practices along with low water-use plants and landscape best management practices. 

Progress of SmartLandscape is well underway with eight, cool season turf plots, two warm season turf plots, two turf alternative Kurapia plots, and multiple mixed landscape zones installed. All of these installations utilize various cutting edge irrigation, water sensor technology, and water efficient plant species.  SmartLandscape presents an exciting opportunity for students as the majority of the installations are led and implemented by student intern teams.  Interns are exposed to hands-on-experience, leadership experience, as well as the opportunity to work directly with industry professionals, faculty and staff.

For more information on our student intern teams, and photo documentation of SmartLandscape progress, feel free to watch the video below or peruse the Summary & Updates presentation, or explore the individual projects from the side menu. The SmartLandscape initiative will provide a nexus with researchers, industry professionals, agencies, NGO’s and students showcasing landscape water conservation and water use efficiency.

Click here to see our SmartLandscape 2021 End of Year Recap video


For any questions or inquiries or if you have interest in providing support for the SmartLandscape, please contact: Dave Fujino: dwfujino@ucdavis.edu
  • Project Goals
  • Demonstrate irrigation technology
    Demonstrate best management practices
    Measure and monitor landscape water use
    Demonstrate low water use plant material
    Provide "hands-on" educational opportunities for students
    Connect industry professionals with academic researchers & students
    Conduct science-based research
    Demonstrate water conserving & efficient landscapes
    Connect junior college horticultural programs

BEFORE: SmartLandscape site at WCAE
Conceptual Design: July 2019
Conceptual Design: July 2019
Smartscape Jan 2020
PROGRESS: SmartLandscape site at WCAE: January 2020

Campus-based Partners

Campus-Based Partners

Industry Partners

CCUH external stakeholder logos 4/28/2021


Individual Partners 

Individual Partners
•Elizabeth Traynham Estate
•Marq and Rachel Truscott
•Dave and Susan Cox
•Russell Satake
•Karen and Samuel Evans
•Carmia Feldman
•Alison Fujino
•Brian Harradine
•Marcie Kirk Holland
•Leslie and Carlton Parks
•Timothy Schimmel
•Jamie Shattuck
•Tim Steele
•Sara and Colin Stewart
•Clay Swackhamer
•Fadi Fathallah
•Angela Kelly
•Craig and Karen Senders
•The Nelson Family Charitable Trust
•Don Burrus
•Victor Duraj
•Sherryl Fawx
•Steve Thigpen